About Shelley Rahim
& Sacred Birth Journey

My name is Shelley Rahim and I am a mother, daughter, wife, birthworker, artist, storyteller, bodyworker, modern mystic and guide.

Birthing a baby and becoming Mother is a journey of embodied awakening, seeded with potential for great personal healing and empowerment, especially with the support of wise elders and a Sisterhood tribe. By providing a balance of both practical and soulful preparation for mothers, fathers and babies, my hope is that their sacred birth journey leads them on a path to greater connection, wholeness and love.

Sacred Birth Journey is about planting a seed of potential in each and every mother and baby on this planet. That through their body they may know their worth and their divinity. As I support women in learning how to love themselves, my hope is that this love ripples out into the world, creating peace and blessings for planetary healing.

There is nothing more sacred to me than a Mother and baby. To them I bow.

Supporting families and bringing women together in sacred ceremony is a life calling of mine and the main pillars of Sacred Birth Journey.

It was my own personal journey of the pregnancy and birth of my first baby in 1992 that initiated a calling into this work. Becoming mother has been a lifelong journey of self-healing and discovery, which has been seamlessly woven into my career path. Much of my own self-discovery work, along with my education and teaching, have taught me how to authentically love myself. Ultimately, this is what I want each one of my clients to discover within themselves through their own birth journey.

My life path has informed my career path.

While I have attended community colleges and universities, most of my education has not been formal or traditional. I have been blessed to learn from many wise mentors and teachers who have influenced and supported my personal healing process. It is through mothering, raising a family, being a wife, healing my own wounds and trauma, and following my heart’s longing that have led me to the trainings and teachers I have been blessed to learn and grow with.

Through various trainings I’ve taken and personal experiences I’ve had, I now have the tools and resources to guide others on their journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Although I am no longer creating and birthing babies from my body, but I am continuously rebirthing myself as woman. The maps, stories and resources that I share with expectant couples, I also use in my own life. This embodied teaching allows me to lead with empathy and compassionate wisdom. I continue to be inspired by and evolve right alongside my clients, so the learning goes both ways.

“You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself.” ~ Galileo Galilei
I believe that with a healthy balance of soulful preparation and practical information for birth and parenthood, couples have an opportunity for profound connection and deep transformational healing.

All of my classes are rich with thematic dialog and practical information, while also including somatic movement such as yoga, dance and meditation. Through embodiment practices, ritual and community, women and men come away from my classes feeling empowered and connected to the innate wisdom of their bodies, and are better able to access this energy while giving birth and parenting. It is my highest honor to be able to provide loving guidance to mothers and families during the perinatal year. It is through this sacred work that I affirm my devotion to Divine Mother and support the awakening of the Divine Feminine in all of humanity.

“Healing Birth Heals Mother Earth.” ~ Jeannine Parvati Baker
“Shelley has a special gift to help make pregnant woman feel beautiful and comfortable about their bodies, and does a great job of reminding them to genuinely celebrate and honor this special time in their lives. Thanks again!”
~ Sabina
“Shelley has an open connection with the divine and is constantly flowing with life, creativity and blessings as a result.
Shelley gave me words and permission for a journey that my soul had been on since the birth of my first baby. Until I met Shelley, I didn’t know anyone else that recognized or honored the depth and sacredness of mothering–especially the mothering that happens before and during birth.
I felt silent and alone in my journey, and Shelley opened up a whole world of Sisterhood to me, especially in the Mother’s blessing OM circles.”
–Elie F, mother of three

Background and Training

January 2018 – Current     STREAM Practitioner Training (Scar Tissue Remediation And Management) Click here to learn more about STREAM.
March 2018     BLS Certification (Basic Life Support)
November 2017     Postpartum Sealing/Belly Binding with Midwife Tema Mercado
October 2017     Body Balancing for Breech Babies with Midwife, Nicole Morales
2015-2016     Advanced Birth Story Listening with Pam England
March 2015     Midwifery Today 7-day Conference
April 2015     5-Rhythms Dance, 3-day workshop with Adam Barley
May 2015     Liz Koch Psoas Workshop (4-days)
July 2015     Bellydance Birth TT with Maha Al Musa
September 2015     Spinning Babies Baby Positioning w/ Gail Tully
May 2013     Kundalini Prenatal TT w/ Gurmukh Kar Khalsa, LA California
March 2012     Doula Training w/ ToLabor
January – June 2012     Advanced Birthing From Within Childbirth TT
May – August 2012     Birth Story Listening Training w/ Pam England 2012
February 2011     November 2011 – Reiki Training Level I & II w/ Tricia Satya Hurley
September 2010     Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Training
September – December 2009     Bereavement Doula Training with SBD (Still Birth Day)
January- August 2009     200 RYT Anusara Yoga TT w/ Sherry Shreck
October 2005     Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (RPYT)  Kripalu Yoga Center

Other self-study and hobbies


Online Process painting for healing Birth Trauma

Goddess Rising Mystery School with Achintya Devi

Awakening Women Institute online Sadhanas with Chameli Ardagh

Sexual healing studies with Pamela Madsen, Amy Jo Goddard and Jennifer Laurin

Five Rhythms Dance with Christina Graham

Shelley Rahim’s Biography for Publication 

Shelley Rahim is a mother, daughter, wife, birthworker, artist, storyteller, bodyworker, modern mystic and guide and founder of Sacred Birth Journey.

She lovingly serves women and families during the childbearing year, as well as supports the emotional, physical, and sexual health throughout all phases of a their lives.

Shelley has been a mother since 1991 and a birth worker since 2007. Her education, training and experience are both practical and soulful, giving her a breadth of knowledge in how to heal, support, uplift and awaken the wild feminine within every woman she works with.

Shelley’s prenatal yoga, prenatal dance, couples prenatal yoga and birth classes are infused with the wisdom and insights that she brings from attending births and caring for new mothers. Her unified approach to facilitating group classes fosters a sense of community and emotional support allowing people to feel deeply heard and supported on their journey into parenthood.

Shelley’s one-on-one birth doula and postpartum 40-day care service provides both the practical and nurturing care that mothers deserve during this challenging and rewarding time in life.

Shelley also offers Birth Story Healing Sessions, Vulva Mapping and Portraiture and Sacred Ceremonies for Rites-of-Passage.

Learn more about Shelley Rahim and her services at: SacredBirthJourney.com