Prenatal Care

Yoga. Dance. Education. Community.

It is my deepest honor to provide expecting mothers and couples a variety of holistic classes and support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Whether you’re seeking prenatal yoga, birthing classes or community support, I would love to be of service to you and guide you on your Sacred Birth Journey!

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Birth Warrior : Prenatal Yoga Classes

Embodied birth and motherhood preparation through group discussions, movement, breath, meditation, dance, art and sisterhood!

Shelley’s 90-minute prenatal yoga classes provide a sacred and safe space for women to come together and support each other on their journey into birth.

Prenatal Yoga with Shelley:

Wednesdays 5:45 – 7:15 p.m.
Saturdays 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

All classes are taught at: Yoga Jai Ma
16769 Bernardo Center Dr., Suite K15 (2nd Floor), San Diego, Ca 92128

Every class begins in a circle with a thematic discussion on a topic related to birth or motherhood. The wisdom, insight and discoveries women share in group discussion are then embodied through yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditations, dancing, and sometimes even through creating process art. Shelley’s classes always contain rituals promoting the emotional and spiritual support needed to listen to your heart, womb and baby.

Each class is unique and full of love and sisterhood.

Women come away feeling more connected to their bodies, babies and each other. They understand what it means to be a “Birth Warrior” and feel empowered to embark on their birth journey with courage and confidence.

Shelley lovingly and whole-heartedly supports her Birth Warrior Mamas on ALL levels:
  • Physically: Women gain strength and flexibility while easing aches and pains.
  • Emotionally: Mamas are supported through thoughtful themes, lively dialog and friendships.
  • Mentally: Classes help cultivate a calm and meditative mind while reinforcing confidence and courage.
  • Educationally: Mothers learn from Shelley and each other about their bodies and how birth works.
  • Energetically: Women connect with the energy body, accessing and activating wisdom of the heart and womb.
  • Spiritually: Shelley guides you deep into your own mothering heart, facilitating a connection with your baby and your highest, most Divine Self.
  • Socially: Prenatal yoga is a great place to meet other like-minded women embarking on their journey into motherhood!
“I believe that these circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong.” –SARK, Succulent Wild Woman
“The yoga asanas we practiced helped to keep my body strong during pregnancy and provided me with the stamina I needed for labor. Most of all, Shelley’s teachings, artwork, visualizations, and vocal toning techniques were all essential tools that helped me during labor, particularly during the last few hours. All of these teachings put together allowed me to ultimately have the natural, drug free childbirth experience I had hoped for.”
~ Nita
“While I was pregnant I made it a point to attend Shelley’s prenatal yoga classes every week. I loved her classes because it gave me lot of confidence along with a sense of well being and made me cherish my pregnancy. All the ‘asanas’ that we did in class took off most of the usual pregnancy pains and made me relax and connect with my baby.”
~ Sri
“Shelley pours her heart into each class, preparing a unique “intention” message, where we are learning things along the way. Shelley gives a lot of love, and genuine care to the mamas. I feel tremendously better (mentally, physically) since going. This class has even brought me to a place where I feel closer, and more connected to our baby. It is nice to be around other pregnant ladies too. A wonderful yoga experience!”
~ Kris G

Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Hands-on, experiential labor and birth preparation for couples.

Couples Prenatal Yoga Workshops explore yoga postures that are commonly and intuitively utilized by a laboring/birthing mother, allowing both the expecting mother and partner to practice moving and breathing together.

Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop:

Saturday, August 10th, 2019, 1p-5p

This workshop is taught at: Yoga Jai Ma
16769 Bernardo Center Dr., Suite K15 (2nd Floor), San Diego, Ca 92128

Space is limited! Reserve your spot now!

Mothers learn and practice labor positions that help alleviate discomforts associated with labor, while their partners massage and support them in these positions. Couples practice poses that help to open the pelvis and are useful during the pushing phase of labor. In addition, parents learn and practice vocalization (using sound in labor), synchronized breathing, pain coping practices, and massage techniques that are essential tools to be used during labor. Each class ends with a partner meditation and relaxation, leaving each couple feeling deeply connected to each other and the baby.

In addition to poses, simple meditations and breathing exercises are practiced to help cultivate a quiet mind and deeper connection to the partner and baby. Learning how to create this stillness will allow the couple to tune into each other and access their intuitive knowledge. Learning how to breathe and move together in new and playful ways deeply connects partners to each other and their baby, fostering nonverbal modes of communication, which comes in handy at the height of labor.

Through lively discussion, movement, partner breathing and meditation, the Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop will empower you with the confidence needed to birth your baby with love and awareness.

What you can expect at Shelley’s Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshop:
  • Lively discussion and education
  • Postures and breathing techniques for birth and optimal fetal positioning
  • Hands on skills for partners to assist birthing mother
  • Vocal toning and co-chanting
  • Relaxation skills
  • Partner meditation and tantric breathing
  • A really FUN time connecting with each other and baby!!
“In the Hindu Holy Book, The Vedas, it says, ‘The husband must be with the birthing woman to double her strength.’ The father’s love stimulates the perfect process of birth. Without the father’s love, birth is more mechanical. His love spins mother’s creative juices, opening her heart and allowing her to sink into her womb, allowing her to do the work of woman.”
~ Sunni Karll (Sacred Birthing)
“Shelley’s prenatal yoga class for couples was one of the most valuable things that we did together in preparation for our son’s birth. While the books we read and the birth classes we went to together helped prepare us intellectually for labor and birth, Shelley’s class helped us to prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her class allowed us to BE in our bodies together in a way that taught us how to labor more lovingly together. We used SO many postures from her class during labor…slow dancing, cat-cow, squats and lunges, among others. We also used so many of the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. But most of all, it was the calm, centered, emotional connection that Shelley helps couples find in her class that served us so well through Miles’ birth.”
~ Emily & Chris
“Shelley was a light in the darkness of my hyperemisis pregnancy. The only way I was able to stay positive and manage the pain was from Shelley’s prenatal yoga classes and Birth Warrior workshops. She taught my husband how to squeeze my hips to ease the pain, she taught us how to emerge again after child birth as the phoenix rising and blossom into our new found skin. She gave me hope when there was none and imparted maternal wisdom to me that without I would not have had a good birthing experience. She is one of the sweetest most amazing souls and I love her dearly.”
~ Megan Seibel

Birth Warrior Prenatal Dance Class

A 6 Week Course to learn ancient bellydance movements for birth preparation.

Through this embodied form of birth preparation, a woman’s mind can learn how to surrender to the knowing in her bones, and a foundation of trust is cultivated from which her birth dance can emerge. The movements practiced in class will effortlessly arise while giving birth, allowing for the gravity and movement to increase comfort, decrease pain, shorten labor and make it safer for the mother and baby.

Birth Warrior Prenatal Dance 6-Week Series:

Only offered twice yearly. The cost is $120 for six 90-minute classes.

This workshop is taught at: Yoga Jai Ma
16769 Bernardo Center Dr., Suite K15 (2nd Floor), San Diego, Ca 92128

Space is limited! Reserve your spot now!

Giving birth is one of the last primal things we still do as human beings. The way babies emerge in modern times, is essentially, the same as it was for our ancient sisters millions of years ago. Our birth preparation should also connect us to that primal and intuitive knowing that our ancestors once drew upon while birthing their babies.

Dance is also one of the most ancient and archaic forms of expression and release. Dancing allows the cells that hold the birth wisdom to awaken….and when the body begins to open, the mind will follow its lead.

Shelley respectfully bows to Bellydance Birth ® founder, Maha Al Musa, for creating and passing down this beautiful lineage of ancient bellydance moves that she has masterfully tailored for birthing mothers. Maha is truly one of the great birth keepers of our time.

In this six week course, you will become comfortable with freeform dance as a practice of getting out of your head, letting go and learning how to listen to your body.

You’ll also learn the four main movements of ancient bellydance moves:
  • The Circle
  • The Spiral
  • The Figure 8
  • The Cervix Dance
  • AND ecstatic/freeform dance!

We will put it all together and celebrate in our final class with live drumming! This class will encompass all the learned movements while we immerse ourselves in the vibration of live drum beats…..we will dance in our most free and primal state, just the way our ancestors danced long ago!

“Everything in the Universe has a rhythm. Everything dances.” ~ Maya Angelou

“Shelley created a safe, calming place that allowed me to shed some layers of myself and be vulnerable and confront my insecurities as a mother. She helped me work through those feelings and emerge from the class radiating light and feeling so empowered. From artwork, chants, meditation and dancing, I loved how every week she provided some new way of helping us connect with ourselves, our babies and each other. Shelley’s wisdom and encouragement proved invaluable to me and my family and I am forever grateful.”
~ Sharon Camarillo
“Each session was a delightful time to connect with my baby, listen to my inner feelings, and prepare my mind and body for labor, delivery and ultimately motherhood. Shelley conveys a wonderfully positive energy that made me feel more serene and confident as the months passed. Regular practice helped me remain strong and tuned into my body throughout pregnancy.
My husband played a crucial role as he was my “doula”, and he also greatly benefited from Shelley’s couples classes. Thank you Shelley from all three of us for helping us make our birth experience beautiful!”
~ Anne

Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation

Soulful childbirth preparation that provides practical information while also honoring and celebrating the emotional journey into parenthood.

Birthing From Within™ is a philosophy and system of holistic childbirth preparation that views pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period as a rite-of-passage for expecting parents. In addition to learning practical information, couples will deepen their knowing through thought-provoking dialogue and embodied exercises.

Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation 4-Week Series:

Spring 2024 Series: April 7, 14, 21, 28
Saturdays from 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Held at A Family Affair Birth Center

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Contact Shelley for more info:

Three kinds of knowing are required to Birth From Within™. The first and most basic is the primal, intuitive knowing in your bones. The second kind of knowing is modern knowledge—being savvy about the birth culture and the wide range of birth choices. The third is to know thyself. Shelley’s classes cultivate all three kinds of knowing, preparing couples to birth-in-awareness, and with love, whether you are birthing at home, a birth center or hospital.

Each five-week series (20 hours of instructions) includes:

  • Pain-coping techniques that cultivate mindfulness, courage and internal power
  • Understanding stages of labor and how labor works
  • Practicing labor positions, relaxation techniques comfort measures
  • Exploring vocal toning as a labor tool
  • Exploring how to embrace the unknown and let go of control
  • Optimal fetal positioning for labor and birth
  • Creative learning processes such as role plays, storytelling, and birth art
  • Working through fears
  • Exploring the wise and compassionate use of pain medication
  • Preparation for life with baby, including caring for the mother and baby post-birth
  • Partner breathing exercises to foster a deep interconnection
  • Postpartum preparation
  • Postpartum nourishment
  • Cultivating intuitive intelligence and awakening body wisdom
    and much more!
Each class is tailored to your unique needs.

Click here to view a video about the benefits of this 5 week series.

Lifetime friendships form in Birthing From Within classes.

“When we signed up for Shelley’s BFW class, we went into it with (what we now realize) was a very technical expectation of what we would walk away from that series with. We expected to learn techniques that would better prepare us for the birth experience. And we absolutely learned all of that. But what we hadn’t really anticipated, and what has been one of the biggest blessings of our BFW experience, were the friendships and support system that were formed in that class that would last long after the birth. Once the class ended we all kept in touch so that we could stay informed on each other’s births. But it turned into so much more. Once all our babies were here we would do group texts giving each other support…and that support has continued to strengthen and now 2.5 years later we all still see each other regularly and are still supporting and celebrating one another. We have celebrated the babies’ 1st AND second birthdays together and have watched these babes grow together. BFW gave me so much more than the strength to bring a life into the world, it gave me the strength and support I needed to be a mother.”
~ Alison Gantz

Mother Blessings

Celebrate your journey into Motherhood with a Mother Blessing.

I facilitate Mother Blessings, lasting usually between 2-4 hours in length. This service includes a 90-minute planning meeting. These ceremonies can also be integrated into more traditional baby showers at a lower cost

“Birth is a woman’s spiritual vision quest. When this idea is ritualized beforehand, the deeper meanings of childbirth can more readily be accessed. Birth is also beyond any one woman’s personal desires and will, binding her in the community of all women. Like the birthing beads, her experiences is one more bead on a very long strand connecting all mothers. Rituals for birth hone these birthing beads, bringing to light each facet of the journey of birth…” ~ Jeannine Parvati Baker

At a Mother Blessing, the expecting mother’s closest women friends (and sometimes family members) come together to nurture, honor, and celebrate her sacred journey into Motherhood. Mother Blessings provide expecting mothers with the emotional, spiritual and mental support needed to give birth with confidence and love. Mother Blessings are tailored to each Mama, and include rituals that uplift and support her journey. The love and strength we generate during this sacred time will carry the mother across difficult thresholds of her birthing experiences.

This ceremony can include any and all of the following:
  • Drumming and dancing
  • Henna or body paint on belly
  • Labyrinth walk
  • Pampering mama with massage, aromatherapy footbaths, hair treatment, head garland…
  • Making her a labor necklace or other talisman
  • Sacred altar
  • Art
  • Yarn tying rituals
  • Poetry, yoga, meditation
  • Anything that moves and shakes Mama’s soul!
“With [Wild Woman] as ally, as leader, model, teacher, we see, not through two eyes, but through the eyes of intuition which is many-eyed. When we assert intuition, we are therefore like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes.” ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes