Healing Services

Through embodiment practices, ritual and ceremony, you can embrace the transformation that awakens the Divine Self within, opening doors to inner power, strength and wisdom.

With physical, emotional, and spiritual support on your journey, you can harness your innate and unlimited capacity for healing and love, blessing both yourself and those around you.

I believe in the power of ritual, embodied movement and ceremony to create deep bonding with ourselves and others through shared experience. The power of ritual touches us at the core because it crosses every culture and transcends time. Women all over the world have been practicing ritual since the beginning of time.

All of my offerings include elements of ritual, which speaks the language of the feminine and heals the feminine soul.

Shelley provides a loving and non-judgmental space where women can let go of fear, shame, control, and inhibitions while embracing trust, vulnerability, body wisdom, wild-woman instinct and motherly love.

If this sounds like something you need, book an appointment with me! I am offering sessions for FREE as I am completing my training and would love to work with you and help you heal!

Scar Tissue Remediation Education And Management

STREAM is therapeutic, hands-on, hands-in bodywork that helps women heal pain & discomfort caused by pelvic floor trauma and birth injuries, combined with emotional healing related to birth and sexual trauma.

Birthing a baby, whether vaginally or by cesarean, stretches the skin and muscle tissue in the pelvic floor and vaginal area. One of the ways the body heals from this event is to create scar tissue. While scar tissue is a necessary part of the body’s healing process, it can also prevent a mother from experiencing normal bodily functions such as bladder control and sexual pleasure, among other problems. These issues are often resolved after receiving a STREAM treatment.

This ancient, yet revolutionary approach to working with the pelvis to support healing is a modality that includes genital touch and without denying our human sexuality. STREAM healing includes honoring and accessing sexual, erotic life-force energy as a vital link in the healing process.

As a Scar Tissue Remediation Practitioner, I have the skills to support healing and resolving problems related to both physical birth trauma, as well as issues related to sexual abuse.

Because this practice is holistic, I am able to help clients process and integrate the emotional trauma that can surface when the pelvis and vagina are therapeutically touched.

Giving birth radically changes a woman in every way possible. During the postpartum time, the mother’s primary focus is on caring for the new baby, and the physical and emotional needs of the mother often get pushed aside. Was the birth traumatic? Do you feel injured? Is sex painful or not an option? Was your six week visit with your OB inadequate or unfulfilling? Do you have: Hemorrhoids? Prolapse? Scar Tissue? C-section? Incontinence?

I am here to help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually from the events of your birth. I also provide somatic sex education and support to help you navigate your way to becoming a sexually whole and healthy woman.

Please fill out the contact form and I will respond within 48 hours with suggested times and dates for a session. I look forward to hearing from you!

L’Origine du monde (“The Origin of the World”) by the French artist Gustave Courbet in 1866.

Vulva Mapping & Portrait Session

What is a Vulva Mapping Session?

Every vulva has a map, let’s learn how to read her. I am here to help you navigate. Vulva mapping is an embodied education and exploration tool that helps women become familiar with their unique vulva anatomy, including anatomy of arousal. In an environment that is non-clinical or sexual, a woman can feel safe to explore her vulva and vagina with the guidance of a skilled and loving practitioner. Many women have been overtly or insidiously shamed out of exploration of their vulva from a young age.

A vulva mapping session is an opportunity for a woman to be educated about her vagina and vulva through physical touch, in a nourishing, sacred, loving and gentle manner. Unlike a pap-smear, there are no stirrups, no cold speculum and all touch is permissioned. Through non-sexual touch and non-outcome driven touch, we will go on a somatic journey together, both outside and inside your vagina. You will come away feeling more fully embodied with a better understanding of how your vulva and vagina support arousal and ways you can access their power and pleasure that is your birthright.

I remain fully clothed with gloves on throughout the session.
I am currently offering this service free of charge.

What is a Vulva Portrait?

There is incredible healing potential when a woman photographs her vagina, and creatively expresses what she sees through art. Art slows down the brain and allows us to enter into parts of our psyche that cannot be accessed otherwise. By drawing, painting and sculpting our vagina/vulva, we are able to see and experience our vulva/vagina in a new light, fully appreciating its beauty and power. Through this process we are able to replace shame and disgust with beauty and pride.

I would be honored to help you connect with your vagina in a whole new way by experiencing it through your own creative and artistic expression. We will take photos of your vulva and use them as reference for creative expression through a variety of art mediums. With access to all the art supplies in my studio, I will be your creative guide, teaching you how to draw and paint your vulva. You will come away with your own, personal work of yoni art! You might be surprised at how much love, beauty and appreciation for your yoni you will discover.

Book a solo session with me, or hire me for your next women’s gathering where you can harness the beauty and creative power with your woman friends!

Spending time honoring, educating and creatively expressing the beauty of the vagina is long overdue. In a vulva mapping and portrait session we will lovingly map your vulva then take photographs for reference. After the mapping session we will move into the studio and get creative drawing, painting and/or sculpting the feminine beauty that you are.

If creating art is not your thing, but you would love a beautiful portrait of your yoni (vagina/vulva)…we can do the photo shoot, and I will create the portrait for you.

“In many shamanic societies, if you come to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed, they will ask you one of four questions:

‘When did you stop dancing?’

‘When did you stop singing?’

‘When did you stop being enchanted by stories?’

‘When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?’

When we stop dancing , singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul. Dancing, singing, storytelling and silence are the four Universal healing salves.”

~ Angeles Arrien, Phd, The Four-Fold Way

I am a storyteller. I live, breathe, listen to, tell and create stories.

Each story I tell is organically tailored to the person or people receiving the story. In this way, they can easily draw personal parallels to the characters and events of the story with their own lives.


For me, storytelling is a spiritual practice. To study and practice mythos is to have a map, a pathway of consciousness that is both ancient and alive in the NOW. Ancient stories and myth are the workings of our ancestors, connecting us to that ancient lineage of universal laws that govern our ability to heal the psyche.

Storytelling was the original form of teaching. When a storyteller today is able to personalize a Great Story, a hero-journey myth or folktale, for themselves or the listener, individual meaning or medicine can be derived. Each time the story-listener hears the same story, she can draw new meaning because she is hearing it with new ears at a new place in her journey. In this way, a Great Story becomes an “inner map” guiding the listener into their own infinite wealth of subconscious resources, creativity and self-awareness. The most powerful teachers are Story and the Storytellers.

“In ancient traditions a story is ‘holy’ and it is used as medicine. The story is not to lift you up, to make you feel better, or to entertain you, although those things can be true. The story is meant to take the spirit into a descent to find something that is lost or missing and bring it back to consciousness again.” –Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes

Personally, Storytelling has been the greatest healing modality in my life. For example, the ancient heroine Goddess story, Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is a 4,000 year old story of a woman who takes a heroine’s journey. Because this archetypal story is still relevant to a modern woman’s life, it has helped me heal my wounds and rise as the powerful Warrior Goddess of my life.

I tell stories in my yoga and birth classes, at women’s gatherings, mother blessings and at ceremonies. Stories also arise spontaneously in Birth Story Listening sessions and fireside conversations. Often times, my storytelling sessions will be accompanied by art, sculpture, journaling, discussion or dance in order to help the listener integrate it’s meaning on a deeper level.

I am available for Storytelling at your gathering, ceremony or event. Please fill out the contact form or email me for further information.

“Each person is a story that the soul of the world wants to tell.”

~ Michael Meade

This is a quarterly women’s workshop held in San Diego, CA

If you’d like to find out about an upcoming event, please join my mailing list – I’ll send out a newsletter a month or so before the next workshop.

Women’s Solstice And Equinox Workshops

Solstice and equinox are events marking the seasonal movements of the Earth rotating around the sun. Each year there are two Equinoxes (March and September) and two Solstices (June and December). On the Equinox, night and day are in equal balance, the word Equinox comes from the Latin ‘aequus’ (equal) and ‘nox’ (night). Solstice marks the shortest and longest days of the year. These four days are very potent times where the energetic portals are open, allowing us to align with the natural rhythms of the cosmos; light/dark and death/rebirth.

Just as Mother Earth has her ways of honoring these cosmic rhythms, we too, as women will align our soul’s journey with the cosmic dance of the Earth and Sun through yoga, meditation, ritual, live music, dance, art and storytelling.

Come gather with us to recognize, awaken and harness the divine and creative power latent in the cosmos, nature and within us… just waiting to be activated!
  • The Spring Equinox symbolizes a potent time of year where Nature beckons us to honor the perfect balance of Day and Night, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine energies. It is within this place of balance where the vibrancy of Heaven and Earth integrate to help us tap into that potency of creation and breaks us open like the hull of a seed that explodes and allows that percolating life inside to finally express itself into a glorious flower- ready to grow and share its gift of beauty and scent to the world! Much like the germinating seed ready to open, there is a sensual “Wild Woman” ins...