The Healing Power of Vulva Portraiture

What is a Vulva Portrait?

There is incredible healing potential when a woman photographs her vagina, and creatively expresses what she sees through art. Art slows down the brain and allows us to enter into parts of our psyche that cannot be accessed otherwise. By drawing, painting and sculpting our vagina/vulva, we are able to see and experience our vulva/vagina in a new light, fully appreciating its beauty and power. Through this process we are able to replace shame and disgust with beauty and pride.

L’Origine du monde (“The Origin of the World”) by the French artist Gustave Courbet in 1866.

I would be honored to help you connect with your vagina in a whole new way by experiencing it through your own creative and artistic expression. We will take photos of your vulva and use them as reference for creative expression through a variety of art mediums. With access to all the art supplies in my studio, I will be your creative guide, teaching you how to draw and paint your vulva. You will come away with your own, personal work of yoni art! You might be surprised at how much love, beauty and appreciation for your yoni you will discover.

Book a solo session with me, or hire me for your next women’s gathering where you can harness the beauty and creative power with your woman friends!

Interested in a vulva portrait?

Please fill out the contact form and I will respond within 48 hours with suggested times and dates for a 20 minute phone consult. I look forward to hearing from you!

Vulva Mapping + Portrait Session

Spending time honoring, educating and creatively expressing the beauty of the vagina is long overdue. In a vulva mapping and portrait session we will lovingly map your vulva then take photographs for reference. After the mapping session we will move into the studio and get creative drawing, painting and/or sculpting the feminine beauty that you are.

If creating art is not your thing, but you would love a beautiful portrait of your yoni (vagina/vulva)…we can do the photo shoot, and I will create the portrait for you.

Shelley Rahim is a mother, daughter, wife, birth worker, artist, storyteller, bodyworker, modern mystic and guide and founder of Sacred Birth Journey. She lovingly serves women and families during the childbearing year, as well as supports the emotional, physical and sexual health throughout all phases of life.

Shelley provides a loving and non-judgmental space where women can let go of fear, shame, control, and inhibitions while embracing trust, vulnerability, body wisdom, wild-woman instinct and motherly love.

Serving San Diego women and families with a wide array of offerings. She holds weekly prenatal yoga classes, provides birth and postpartum doula services, teaches Birthing from Within workshops, as well as a variety of healing services and ceremonies.

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