What is Wild Mothering?

Each mother in class created her own individual representation of “wild mother.”
This painting above is the collective chalk dust creation from 15 pregnant mothers. The “Wild Mother Web!”

What comes to mind when you think of ‘Wild Mothering’?

This was the opening question in last night’s prenatal yoga/dance class.

Fifteen mothers, some expecting their first baby, some with their second babies, all at various stages of pregnancy; from 9 weeks to 36 weeks….each had a different answer, yet all were inspired by and could relate to each other.


Here are some of their responses from the opening circle:

“Wild Mother is about being fully present with her child.”
“There is no ‘right and wrong’ way to Mother your child.”
“Not making decisions based on judgement from others nor from society.”
“Madly in LOVE with your child, willing to do anything.”
“Making decisions based on intuition.”
“Barefoot out in nature. Unschooling. Child-led lifestyle.”

After our open-hearted discussion, we then did our movement practice. Intention setting, yoga, breath, wild dancing, storytelling and meditation, all embodying the “Wild Mother” within us. Together we touched into the beauty and sacredness of our bodies and celebrated the wild mother. We blessed our babies with this energy, knowing that they are growing in this sacred space, and that those babies will bring that reverence for the wild feminine into their entire life. Then, we sat down, meditated on the womb. Each mother created an individual expression of their inner ‘Wild Mother.’ Lastly we shared what we came up with in a circle.

Here are some of the Wild Mother creative insights:

“When wild mother gives birth, she can simultaneously be in the FIRE of intense pain, while at the same time feel INCREDIBLE peace. She can experience this while parenting as well.”
“I feel like my mother was wild in the way she loved me so fiercely, but she also knew when to let me go.”
“I drew myself birthing under a tree, but, I also included in my drawing a Mongolian Yurt because wild mother might need options for her comfort and variability when birthing.”
“She loves with her whole being, an ecstatic love like no other.”


What is ‘Wild Mothering” to you?
How does a ‘Wild Mother’ give birth?
How can Wild Mother maintain her wild nature while birthing in captivity, a hospital setting?