Wild Woman Emerging
Spring Equinox Event

Join Nancy Paik & Shelley Rahim for a Spring Equinox Workshop!

Tuesday 3/20/2018 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Artwork by Emily Kell

The Spring Equinox symbolizes a potent time of year where Nature beckons us to honor the perfect balance of Day and Night, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine energies. It is within this place of balance where the vibrancy of Heaven and Earth integrate to help us tap into that potency of creation and breaks us open like the hull of a seed that explodes and allows that percolating life inside to finally express itself into a glorious flower- ready to grow and share its gift of beauty and scent to the world! Much like the germinating seed ready to open, there is a sensual “Wild Woman” inside of us who begins to undulate with life – wanting to “Spring” forward as she dances with this powerful creative energy. She delights in the expression of her seeded dreams, her personal gifts of life, and offers them to the world with uninhibited passion!

During the Winter Solstice-there is an understanding that this was the time for us to go inside and allow those parts of ourselves that were no longer serving us to fall away and make space for those “dream seeds” of our soul to be planted and incubate. And now, the Spring Equinox points our attention towards the Sun- which will be shining more brightly to coax those dream seeds to emerge from deep within and to surface and manifest into physical reality.

This is a powerful time for women to gather together to rejoice in the upcoming birth of these dream seeds! We aim our attention toward the return of longer days-which in turn mirrors that connection to that powerful internal light that beckons us to outpour it more brightly with unrestrained passion into our actions. These actions will grow naturally and their energetic potential will be in full expression as we move toward the Summer Solstice.

There is a “Wild Woman” within each of us that wants to reveal herself through movement, story-telling, art, dance, meditation and music. Please join Nancy Paik and Shelley Rahim along with musicians Windwalker Dorn and Lisa Bonneau for an extraordinary evening! Courageously come and allow your Wild Woman this special time to be birthed and revered as we savor in the emergence of her intuitive, creative and sensual energies! We will also reaffirm the power of the Rite of the Womb through this intimate connection and compelling evening of ritual and love. We hope you can join us!

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Date: Tuesday March 20, 2108
Time: 6:30-9:00 pm
Fee: $60 before 3/19. $65 on the day of event.

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No cancellations or refunds 24 hours prior to the event due to the specialized nature of the event. Thank you!

Shelley Rahim is a mother, daughter, wife, birth worker, artist, storyteller, bodyworker, modern mystic and guide and founder of Sacred Birth Journey. She lovingly serves women and families during the childbearing year, as well as supports the emotional, physical and sexual health throughout all phases of life.

Shelley provides a loving and non-judgmental space where women can let go of fear, shame, control, and inhibitions while embracing trust, vulnerability, body wisdom, wild-woman instinct and motherly love.

Serving San Diego women and families with a wide array of offerings. She holds weekly prenatal yoga classes, provides birth and postpartum doula services, teaches Birthing from Within workshops, as well as a variety of healing services and ceremonies.

Visit SacredBirthJourney.com to learn more about Shelley Rahim and her work.